Whether you wish to cater the event yourself, using our full service kitchen – or take advantage of our excellent relationship with Sarah Searancke caterers or Hell Pizza, The Ward can provide you what you need, whatever your dietary requirements. Feel free to take a peek at one of our sample menus:

Sample menu example – $15.00 per person
Country style sandwich with a variety of fillings
Jamaican jerk chicken drummers, C HF GF
Beef stroganoff pies topped with rosti potatoes, H
Lamb Kofta ball kebab with minted yoghurt, C H

Sample menu example (Healthy) – $15.00 per person
Tandoori chicken on an Idian rice cakes served with home made chutney, C GF HF
Sticky pork, oriental vegetables and rice noodle wrap, H GF HF
Choice of salad in individual boxes, V HF
Please note minimun of 8 people per salad i.e pearl barley, roasted pumpkin, toasted pumpkin seeds, baby spinich leaves and feta cheese salad.
Trio of seasonal fruits

Sample menu example – $17.50 per person
Wraps filled with raw vegetables, humus, chutney and a variety of meat fillings
Thai chicken on lemon grass stickes coated in coconut dukkah, C HF GF
Spanish frittata of sliced potatoes, red peppers, onion, smoked paprika and a little cheese baked in a light egg custard, served with our famous chilli jam, C V HF GF
Oaty apricot slice
Trio of sliced fruits

Sample menu platter – Antipasto – Feeds 12-15 pax, $100.00
Selection: Salamis, mortadella, prosciutto, continental sausages, pate, dips, marinated vegetables, roasted vegetables, pickles, and marinated feta all accompanied with tortillas, crostinis and artisan breads.
(Vegetarian option available)

Sample Afternoon Tea – $9.95 per person.
Classic English club mini sandwiches on Vogel bread with bacon, chicken, lettuce, tomato and mayo cut into mini fingers (2 per person)
Smoked salmon and Brie in a creamy wine sauce wrapped in filo, HC
Millionaire shortbread – shortbread with a toffee caramel layer and finished with a rich chocolate panache